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What are the concentrations of PCRBIO dNTP Mix?

PCRBIO dNTP Mix is available in 2 different concentrations. PB10.71 contains 10mM of each nucleotide (40 mM total) and PB10.72 contains 25 mM of each nucleotide (100 mM total).

What are the recommended applications for PCRBIO dNTP Mix?

PCRBIO dNTP Mix is ultra-pure, stable and highly suitable for all molecular biology applications. These include standard PCR, fast PCR, 1-Step PCR, high-fidelity PCR, real-time PCR, long-range PCR, MDA, RDA, isothermal amplification and DNA sequencing.

What is the purity and stability of PCRBIO dNTP Mix?

PCRBIO dNTP mix is more than 99% pure. It remains stable after multiple freeze-thaw cycles and 95% of the dNTPs remain in triphosphate form after 5 weeks at room temperature.