Mouse Genotyping

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Mouse Genotyping

Mice serve as useful models in biochemical research and can be used to study the roles of genes in development, physiology and human disease. The use of these animals requires accurate genotyping to detect the presence or absence of a gene and this is usually performed with PCR.

PCR Biosystems offers a range of polymerases that are designed to perform in mouse genotyping studies with high efficiency and improved tolerance to common inhibitors that may exist following DNA extraction steps. Our advanced buffer and antibody-mediated hot start technology allows robust performance and high sensitivity across a wide range templates, including GC and AT-rich sequences. The convenient ready mix format and options for direct gel loading increase the speed and ease-of-use for successful genotyping studies.

For rapid DNA extraction combined with fast, highly specific DNA amplification, our PCRBIO Rapid Extract PCR Kit is particularly suited to solid tissue such as mouse tail and ear.

PCRBIO Rapid Extract PCR Kit

Combines rapid DNA extraction with fast, highly specific DNA amplification in a convenient, easy-to-use format. Get single-tube DNA extraction without the need for spin columns or hazardous chemicals.

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HS Taq DNA Pol category image and Tm Calculator page.

PCRBIO HS Taq DNA Polymerase & Mixes

Whether you need a hot start enzyme for high-throughput assays, automated reaction setup or the detection of a low copy viral template, PCRBIO HS Taq DNA Polymerase is a robust, industry-leading enzyme to meet your needs. Available in standard and custom formats to suit the specific requirements of your COVID-19 diagnostic workflow.

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PCRBIO Ultra Polymerase & Mixes

Is your template GC-rich? Or low in abundance? Does your sample contain PCR inhibitors? PCRBIO Ultra Polymerase is engineered to tackle these hard to amplify templates.

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