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Library Quantification

Library quantification refers to a range of different methods that can be used to determine the number of nucleic acid molecules present in a particular volume of your NGS library. This is an important step in the NGS workflow as it ascertains the amount of sequencing-ready molecules present, which is essential for obtaining high-quality data outputs from each sequencing run.

Quantification can be carried out using spectrophotometry, electrophoresis, fluorometry or qPCR-based methods, however qPCR is considered the gold standard because of its considerably higher consistency and reproducibility of quantification. Furthermore, qPCR is able to target platform-specific adapter sequences, giving a more accurate and effective estimate of the concentration of library molecules that can be sequenced. 

PCR Biosystems’ NGSBIO Library Quant Kits contain all the components required for accurate and sensitive quantification of libraries prepared for Illumina® NGS systems. The Illumina® platform requires the flow cell to be loaded with an appropriate amount of library DNA to generate clusters at an optimal density and ensure a successful sequencing run. The NGSBIO kits offer highly efficient and reliable qPCR-based quantification for all your Illumina® libraries, including those that are low concentration or GC or AT-rich. 

NGSBIO Library Quant Kit for Illumina

Accurately and rapidly quantify your library prior to sequencing with Illumina® NGS systems using our qPCR-based quantification kit.

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NGSBIO Library Quant Kit Blue for Illumina

Accurately and rapidly quantify your library prior to sequencing with Illumina NGS systems using our blue, easy-to-see qPCR-based quantification kit enabling greater pipetting precision.

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