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Genotyping is the process used to investigate the genetic variants that an individual possesses by looking at the individual’s DNA sequence. Genotype refers to the heritable information carried by all living organisms. Small changes in genotype can lead to vast differences in phenotype, the observable characteristics originating from the interaction between genotype and environmental factors.

Genotyping involves comparing the identified DNA sequence against a sequence from another sample or a reference sequence. Genotyping allows researchers to examine large structural variations in DNA to small genetic changes in DNA such as single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs).

Real-time PCR provides a high throughput option for genotyping using molecular probes for fast and accurate results. Our qPCRBIO Probe Mixes can be used for reliable allelic discrimination and are compatible with all dual-labelled allele-specific probes. Another real-time based system for genotyping is a post-PCR application called High Resolution Melt (HRM). Our qPCRBIO HRM Mix produces ultra-sensitive melt profiles to allow accurate and reliable SNP genotyping.

Clara Probe Mix - Archive Image

Clara™ Probe Mix

A powerful qPCR mix for probe-based detection of DNA. Compatible with all real-time qPCR instruments and probe chemistries.

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Clara Probe 1-Step Mix - RNA Singleplex

Clara™ Probe 1-Step Mix

A high-concentration 4x 1-step RT-qPCR kit  in a single tube format. Enables ultra-sensitive, high-throughput detection of RNA and DNA sequences with minimal effort.

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Clara HRM Mix Category Image

Clara™ HRM Mix

A powerful qPCR mix for high resolution melting analysis, ideal for SNP screening, methylation analysis, and large scale population genotyping studies.

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qPCRBIO Probe Mix

qPCRBIO Probe Mix is the robust choice for all your probe-based real-time PCR needs. Our universal kit can be used to reliably detect extremely low copy number targets and quantify any DNA template including genomic, cDNA and viral sequences.

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qPCRBIO Probe Blue Mix

Contains a non-reactive blue dye for easy sample visualisation and greater precision, particularly useful when loading small volume reactions or using white plates.

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qPCRBIO SyGreen Mix

Fast, highly sensitive and reproducible real-time PCR with minimal optimisation required.

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qPCRBIO SyGreen Blue Mix

Our real-time blue mixes contain a non-reactive blue dye to assist you during pipetting, allowing greater visibility and precision without affecting PCR performance.

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