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PCR Biosystems launches advanced Bst Polymerase reagents for accelerated DNA and RNA amplification

PCR Biosystems, the UK-based specialists in DNA and RNA analysis, have launched a range of IsoFast™ Bst Polymerase reagents for rapid, robust and sensitive DNA and RNA amplification. 

Through its nucleic acid strand displacement capabilities, Bst polymerase eliminates the need for the high temperature denaturation step associated with traditional Taq enzymes. This enables faster time to result and facilitates DNA and RNA amplification in the field without specialised thermocycling equipment.
Featured Application

Site Directed Mutagenesis

Site directed mutagenesis is an in vitro method for introducing specific and intentional mutations into DNA fragments.

It is often performed using PCR-based methods due to its speed, simplicity and high efficiency. Learn more about our high fidelity DNA polymerases to ensure low error rates in your mutagenesis workflow.

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