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Air-Dried Assay Development

A simple, fast and cost-effective option to dry molecular assays in-house

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Power up your 1-step RT-qPCR

Get better results, faster, with Clara™ Probe 1-Step Mix

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We’re the PCR experts – developing high-performance PCR reagents to simplify your research and power your diagnostics

Application Note

Quantifying CpG methylation using MS-HRM qPCR

DNA methylation is an epigenetic process through which nucleobases (mainly cytosines) are modified by the addition of a methyl group.

This mechanism has essential roles in cellular processes including regulation of gene expression, development, and disease. In this application note we describe a workflow for the analysis of DNA methylation in specific loci using methylation-sensitive high-resolution melting (MS-HRM) qPCR.

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VeriFi™ Library Amplification Mix

A specially formulated 2x ready mix designed for NGS library amplification with reduced GC bias.

VeriFi™ Library Amplification Mix combines the powerful proofreading performance of VeriFi Hot Start Polymerase with a greatly reduced GC-dependent bias to push the limits of NGS data quality when sequencing ever longer and more complex targets.   

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Lyophilised and Air-Dried Assay Development

The costly cold-chain shipping and storage demands of traditional ‘wet’ RT-qPCR tests are increasingly driving assay developers toward dried test formats.

Learn how our lyophilisable and air-dryable reagents are redefining the ease and convenience with which these PCR assays are being developed, distributed and used.

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