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We've launched PCR Water

Nuclease, protease, and DNA-free water for sample dilution and molecular biology reactions

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We’re the PCR experts – developing high-performance PCR reagents to simplify your research and power your diagnostics

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Enhanced PCR performance with inhibitor-rich samples

PCR inhibition can be a serious challenge for molecular biologists.

Our latest application note highlights the difficulties different inhibitors can cause and offers a solution with VeriFi Library Amplification Mix – our broad-spectrum problem solver for challenging PCRs.

Don’t let PCR inhibition impede your research progress. Download our application note today.

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Photo of UltraScript cDNA Synthesis Kit
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Efficient cDNA synthesis with UltraScript Reverse Transcriptase

Unlock the full potential of your genetic research with UltraScript Reverse Transcriptase.

Whether you’re working on viral RNA sequences or exploring gene expression with RT-qPCR, UltraScript Reverse Transcriptase and cDNA Synthesis Kits can be your ally in obtaining reliable, high-quality results.

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