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cDNA synthesis for qPCR

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Fast PCR

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A gel image showing PCRBIO VeriFi Polymerase successfully amplifying a DNA fragment of 17.5kb complex genomic DNA fragments ranging in length from 1kb to 17.5kb
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PCRBIO VeriFi Polymerase

Long, hot and faithful: Meet our new 3-in-1 high fidelity polymerase.

PCRBIO VeriFi Polymerase is designed to give improved PCR success rates with complex genomic templates (17.5kb and over). The ability to denature up to 100°C means you can better separate GC-rich sequences, making more of your template available for priming. With 100x higher fidelity than Taq, it’s the perfect choice for cloning, sequencing and site directed mutagenesis.

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Featured Application


Real-time PCR provides a high throughput option for genotyping using molecular probes for fast and accurate results.

Genotyping allows researchers to examine large structural variations to small genetic changes in DNA such as single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). Our qPCRBIO Genotyping Mix and Probe Mixes can be used for reliable allelic discrimination and are compatible with all dual-labelled allele-specific probes.

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