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Isothermal Amplification with Bst Polymerase & mixes

Isothermal amplification of DNA and RNA comprises a range of methods that enable amplification at a fixed temperature, without the need for thermocycling.

How does isothermal amplification work?

Instead of denaturing DNA by using high temperatures, isothermal amplification takes advantage of DNA polymerases that have high strand displacement capabilities, for example Bst or Phi29 DNA polymerases, or recombinase-polymerase amplification (RPA) mixes. These enzymes or mixes can ‘unzip’ DNA as they synthesise complementary strands, removing the need for thermocycler equipment as the reaction is carried out at one temperature. Isothermal methods making use of strand displacing DNA polymerases include multiple displacement amplification, whole genome amplification and loop mediated isothermal amplification or LAMP and could become the next gold standard in nucleic acid detection and quantification1.

PCR Biosystems’ IsoFast™ Bst range of products is based on the large fragment of Bst DNA polymerase and offers rapid and sensitive amplification of DNA and RNA targets at a constant temperature of 65°C.

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IsoFast™ Hot Start Bst Polymerase & Mixes

IsoFast™ Hot Start Bst Polymerase and Mixes offer cutting edge performance in all isothermal amplification workflows, LAMP applications and POC testing.

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IsoFast Hot Start Colour Category

IsoFast™ Hot Start Bst Polymerase Colour & Mix

IsoFast™ Hot Start Colour Mix allows isothermal amplification with colourimetric readout for rapid point-of-care testing and positive/negative screening.

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IsoFast™ Bst 1-Step Mix

IsoFast™ Bst 1-Step Mix is a dual enzyme system for rapid and sensitive isothermal amplification of RNA targets in one step.

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IsoFast™ Bst Polymerase

IsoFast™ Bst Polymerase offers fast amplification and strong strand displacement capabilities, making it ideal for nucleic acid amplification methods such as whole genome amplification, multiple displacement amplification and isothermal amplification.

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