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Next Generation Sequencing

Next generation sequencing or NGS refers to the high-throughput, in-parallel DNA sequencing technologies that became available at the onset of the 21st century.

These technologies have immense advantages in terms of cost-effectiveness, sequencing speed, resolution and accuracy compared to the traditional Sanger first-generation sequencing method developed in the late 1970’s.

NGS is now the method of choice for large-scale genomic and transcriptomic sequencing, and to date these high-throughput sequencing technologies have been comprehensively applied in a variety of ways, such as whole genome sequencing, target sequencing, gene expression profiling and small RNA sequencing, to vastly accelerate biological and biomedical research.

PCR Biosystems’ NGSBIO products are specifically engineered to support and enhance NGS workflows using Illumina® systems. The NGSBIO Library Quant Kits use the latest developments in qPCR technology to provide accurate and rapid quantification of libraries prior to sequencing.

Library Amplification Applications

NGS Library Amplification

NGS Library amplification is a key step in the sequencing library preparation process. Having the right polymerase is critical to reduce sequence-dependent bias and ensure high quality sequencing libraries are…

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NGS Library Quantification

Library quantification refers to a range of different methods that can be used to determine the number of nucleic acid molecules present in a particular volume of your NGS library. This…

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