NGS Library Amplification

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NGS Library Amplification

NGS Library amplification is a key step in the sequencing library preparation process. Having the right polymerase is critical to reduce sequence-dependent bias and ensure high quality sequencing libraries are prepared.  Thus, ensuring sufficient material is generated for downstream NGS analysis.

Why is it important to minimise sequence-dependent bias in NGS library preparation?

High quality sequencing libraries are necessary to provide optimal target coverage, sufficient complexity that reflects all sequences in a sample, and reduced bias. This ensures the final sequencing datasets accurately reflect the underlying biological sample from which they are derived.

To facilitate researchers undertaking PCR-based NGS workflows we have launched VeriFi® Library Amplification Mix, specifically designed to enhance the NGS library amplification process. Regardless of the application, whole genome sequencing, RNA-Seq, single-cell transcriptomics or metagenomic analysis of microbiomes or other samples. With its unique blend of high-fidelity DNA polymerase, and advanced buffer system, ultra-low GC-dependent bias, this proofreading library amplification mix offers unparalleled performance and versatility.

Why choose VeriFi® Library Amplification Mix?

Use VeriFi® Library Amplification Mix for exceptional amplification fidelity, preserving the true representation of your DNA library and minimizing the introduction of errors. This ensures accurate and reliable sequencing data, allowing you to confidently make critical scientific conclusions.  Moreover, this mix significantly reduces amplification bias, enabling a more comprehensive coverage of your target regions. This is essential for capturing low-frequency variants and identifying rare genetic mutations, providing a deeper understanding of genetic variations and their functional implications.

Furthermore, VeriFi® Library Amplification Mix’s robust and user-friendly formulation simplifies the library preparation workflow, saving you time and effort. Its robust tolerance to impurities and inhibitors commonly found in NGS library preparations ensures reliable and consistent results across a wide range of sample types and conditions.

PCR Biosystems’ VeriFi® Library Amplification Mix is the ultimate solution for PCR-based NGS library amplification. Empowering researchers with accurate, comprehensive, and reproducible sequencing data. Unlock the true potential of your genomics and transcriptomics research and propel your scientific discoveries to new heights.

Looking for other library preparation reagents? Try NGSBIO Library Quant Kit for Illumina. For a practical guide to NGS library preparation read this article.


VeriFi® Library Amplification Mix for NGS

2x PCR ready mix for NGS library amplification. Reduced GC bias & more unique reads than competitor mixes. Ideal for Illumina sequencing platforms.

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