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What is qPCR?

Real-time PCR, or quantitative PCR (qPCR), is one of the most reliable detection and quantification methods for specific DNA and RNA molecules1. It is a fast-developing field with wide ranging applications for researchers. Find top-quality qPCR reagents for any application, from gene expression analysis, and population genotyping studies, to the multiplex detection of several disease targets simultaneously. Real-time qPCR is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal.

qPCR detection methods

Real-time qPCR is broadly divided into two categories based on the method of signal generation: probe-based qPCR and intercalating dye-based qPCR. These two qPCR techniques have many overlapping applications and for the majority we recommend the use of intercalating dye technology rather than more costly dual labelled probes. Using an intercalating dye, such as SyGreen, rather than a hydrolysis probe (such as TaqMan®) has the added benefit of post amplification melt profile analysis. It also has the advantage of faster cycling than with hydrolysis probes, due to the slower 5′ to 3′ exonuclease activity of Taq DNA polymerase compared to its polymerisation rate.

The main advantage of probe-based detection is that multiple amplicons can be detected in the same tube in a multiplex qPCR reaction. The number of targets is typically limited by the number of light channels found in the real-time PCR instrument. PCR Biosystems’ universal probe mixes are suitable for use with a wide range of probe technologies, across all real time thermocyclers, and are designed not to lose efficiency during multiplexing.

Need more help with finding the right qPCR reagents?

If you’re unsure about which detection method and reagents are suitable for your application, check out our qPCR Applications page, or get in touch with a member of our team for a recommendation.

Alternatively, use the qPCR Selection Tool on our Resources page. You can also request free qPCR reagent samples if you wish to test these under your specific experimental conditions.

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Clara HRM Mix Category Image

Clara® HRM Mix

A powerful qPCR mix for high resolution melting analysis, ideal for SNP screening, methylation analysis, and large scale population genotyping studies.

Clara Probe 1-Step Mix - RNA Singleplex

Clara® Probe 1-Step Mix

A high-concentration 4x 1-step RT-qPCR kit  in a single tube format. Enables ultra-sensitive, high-throughput detection of RNA and DNA sequences with minimal effort.

Clara® Probe 1-Step Purple Mix

A high-concentration 4x 1-step RT-qPCR kit in a single tube format with an inert purple dye for sample visualisation. Enables ultra-sensitive, high-throughput detection of RNA and DNA sequences with minimal effort.

Clara Probe Mix - Archive Image

Clara® Probe Mix

A powerful qPCR mix for probe-based detection of DNA. Compatible with all real-time qPCR instruments and probe chemistries.

Clara® Probe Purple Mix

A powerful qPCR mix for probe-based detection of DNA with an inert purple dye for sample visualisation. Compatible with all real-time qPCR instruments and probe chemistries.

qPCRBIO Probe 1-Step Virus Detect

A high-concentration 4x RT-qPCR kit designed specifically for ultra-sensitive, high-throughput detection of viral RNA sequences. Users can add more sample to their reactions to boost analytical sensitivity, even when working with small volume reactions.

qPCRBIO Probe 1-Step Go

This universal 2x master mix is engineered for fast and sensitive 1-step RT-qPCR using sequence-specific probes. The redesigned buffer system, thermostable reverse transcriptase and antibody-mediated hot start technology support rapid and accurate detection of RNA targets and viruses.

qPCRBIO SyGreen Mix

Fast, highly sensitive and reproducible real-time PCR with minimal optimisation required.

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qPCRBIO SyGreen Blue Mix

Our real-time blue mixes contain a non-reactive blue dye to assist you during pipetting, allowing greater visibility and precision without affecting PCR performance.

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qPCRBIO Probe Mix

qPCRBIO Probe Mix is the robust choice for all your probe-based real-time PCR needs. Our universal kit can be used to reliably detect extremely low copy number targets and quantify any DNA template including genomic, cDNA and viral sequences.

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qPCRBIO Probe Blue Mix

Contains a non-reactive blue dye for easy sample visualisation and greater precision, particularly useful when loading small volume reactions or using white plates.

qPCRBIO SyGreen 1-Step Kits

qPCRBIO SyGreen 1-Step Kits have been designed for fast, highly specific and ultra-sensitive cDNA synthesis and real-time PCR in a single tube.

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