Low Copy Number Transcripts

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cDNA synthesis from low copy transcripts

Reverse transcription of RNA to complementary DNA (cDNA) is the first step in many molecular biology workflows including gene expression studies using real-time PCR, gene cloning and in the creation of cDNA libraries.

For accurate downstream analysis it’s essential that the reverse transcriptase used in this step generates cDNA products that are representative of the original RNA population, even with low copy number transcripts or challenging RNA samples.

When working with RNA that is in a limited amount or expressed in low abundance we recommend using UltraScript Reverse Transcriptase, or for RT-qPCR applications, the qPCRBIO cDNA Synthesis Kit. These products utilise a thermostable and highly active modified MMLV reverse transcriptase designed for efficient and sensitive cDNA synthesis, even when the amount of template is a limiting factor.

qPCRBIO cDNA Synthesis Kit

Simplify your cDNA synthesis with qPCRBIO cDNA Synthesis Kit. Our fast, 2-tube system contains a pre-optimised blend of random hexamers and anchored oligo(dT) to give unbiased representation of 5' and 3' mRNA transcript ends.

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UltraScript Reverse Transcriptase

UltraScript is a thermostable reverse transcriptase, producing high quality cDNA ideal for a variety of downstream applications. The enzyme enables highly sensitive and accurate reverse transcription of viral RNA sequences, making it an ideal component of RT-qPCR-based SARS-CoV-2 detection tests.

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