Multiplex PCR

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Multiplex PCR

Multiplex PCR is a widespread technique for the amplification of multiple targets in a single PCR experiment. Multiplexing can save precious time, reagents and samples and also has the benefit of allowing simultaneous comparison of multiple amplicons.

When multiple primer pairs are used in a single tube, non-specific amplification and reduced efficiency can be of concern as the reaction cannot be optimised for a single primer pair and target, but rather for all the primers and targets used. For this reason primer design and the DNA polymerase used can be critical to success.

For multiplex assays we recommend our hot start products. These enzymes use either antibody-mediated or AptaLock™ hot start technology to prevent the formation of primer dimers and non-specific products leading to high reaction sensitivity and specificity. Furthermore, room temperature setup and the option of a convenient ready mix format increases the speed and ease-of-use for successful multiplex PCR.

VeriFi® Hot Start Polymerase & Mixes

Our most versatile proofreading enzyme now with AptaLock™ hot start technology for maximised specificity in your high fidelity PCR. Ideal for multiplex reactions and room-temperature setup.

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PCRBIO HS Taq DNA Polymerase & Mixes

Whether you need a hot start enzyme for high-throughput assays, automated reaction setup or the detection of a low copy viral template, PCRBIO HS Taq DNA Polymerase is a robust, industry-leading enzyme to meet your needs. Available in standard and custom formats to suit the specific requirements of your COVID-19 diagnostic workflow.

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