Inhibitor Resistant cDNA Synthesis

Product picture of UltraScript 2.0 cDNA Synthesis Kit Separate Oligos

Inhibitor resistant cDNA synthesis

Reverse transcription of RNA to complementary DNA (cDNA) is the first step in many molecular biology workflows including gene expression studies using real-time PCR, gene cloning and in the creation of cDNA libraries.

For accurate downstream analysis it’s essential that the reverse transcriptase used in this step generates cDNA products that are representative of the original RNA population, even with suboptimal or challenging RNA samples. This may include RNA with a high GC content, degraded RNA or RNA containing inhibitors such as sample preparation reagents or excessive protein.

For inhibitor-containing samples we recommend using the highly thermostable and processive UltraScript 2.0 Reverse Transcriptase and equivalent cDNA synthesis kits. These have been specifically engineered for superior cDNA synthesis speed, yield and representation of the most challenging RNA sample types.

UltraScript® 2.0 Reverse Transcriptase & Kits

Our high capacity, highly thermostable reverse transcriptase can be used with reaction temperatures of 55-65°C and above, designed to problem-solve the most difficult RNA samples.

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