PCR Biosystems launch a new grant for UK life scientists

We’re celebrating a decade of developing PCR reagents with the launch of a new grant for life science researchers in the UK.

The PCRBIO Research Grant offers a total of £10,000 funding for PCR reagents to researchers working in human health, microbiology, plant sciences, environment and sustainability, and all other research areas with a biological focus or which require plenty of PCR. It’s open to academic researchers at all levels so is ideal for PhD students, post-doctoral researchers, and senior academics that may be looking for funding to expand their lab.

The grant comprises a main award of £8,000 of PCR reagents over 3 years, together with 4 runner-up prizes of £500 of reagents. We will also provide comprehensive technical support to recipients to assist with their PCR-related queries pertaining to our products.

Applications are open from today, 1st September 2022, and will close on 30th November 2022. Applications can be made via a short online application form where prospective candidates can describe the specific scope and aims of their project and the types of PCR they expect to use.

Grant applications will be assessed by an internal team of PCR experts and a shortlist will be reviewed by a mixed judging panel of internal and external research experts. We’re delighted to have Professor Julian Marchesi – Professor of Digestive Health at Imperial College London, Dr Jim Wicks – Founder and CEO of YouSeq, and Dr Sarah Withers – Post-Doctoral Research Assistant at Newcastle University as esteemed members of the judging panel.

The results of the application process will be announced in January 2023.

For further information please contact [email protected].