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Which samples can be used with PCRBIO Rapid Extract PCR Kit?

Rapid Extract PCR Kit was tested with the following list of tissues

  • Mammalian cell cultures
  • Animal tissues from a variety of organisms (Fish, lobster, Mice tails / ears, Zebrafish, Nematodes, Kidney, Hair Follicle)
  • Insects like Drosophila, mosquitos, beetle (legs, wings)
  • Buccal swabs
  • Gram positive bacteria
  • Fungal Mycelia
  • Stool samples
  • FFPE
  • Blood1
  • Fish Scale clips

The following tissues can require a pre-wash step before starting the PCRBIO Rapid Extract protocol2

  • Yeast2,3 (pre-wash or digestion with zymolase to obtain spheroblasts)
  • Feather4 (requires modification of the protocol see below )
  • Stool sample5 (requires dilution series to get rid of inhibitors)

If you have a small amount of starting material, we recommend keeping the extracted DNA in the lowest volume possible and to avoid any further dilutions after inactivating the protease.

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