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PCR Water is a molecular biology grade product that is suitable for sample dilution, and use as an ultra-pure diluent for PCRs and other molecular biology reactions.

PCR Water can be used as a reaction component with all PCR Biosystems reagents and all other manufacturer’s products, where the corresponding manual or guidelines require the use of PCR-grade or high-purity water.

Additionally, this product is rigorously tested to ensure maximum peace of mind when setting up molecular biology reactions. DNase, RNase, and protease activity, as well as DNA, are below the limit of detection of our rigorous assays.

Product pack sizes are available in small (5 mL) and large volumes (50 mL), and in both pre-aliquoted (5 x 1 mL and 50 x 1 mL) or single-bottle  (1 x 5 mL and 1 x 50 mL) formats, for maximum convenience based on your workflow and throughput requirements.

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