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To meet the demands of today’s laboratories, we’ve developed the Clara™ range of qPCR reagents. Designed to push the limits of real-time PCR performance, our latest reagents bring clear results, so that you can draw reliable conclusions.

Whether you’re performing probe-based qPCR, multiplex 1-step RT-qPCR, or dye-based high resolution melt analysis, we have a Clara™ product for you. Choose from:

  • Clara™ Probe Mix: Concentrated 4x mix for high performance probe-based detection of DNA in single and multiplex assays.
  • Clara™ Probe 1-Step Mix: Easy-to-use, single tube 4x RT-qPCR mix suitable for universal probe-based detection of RNA and DNA targets in single and multiplex assays.
  • Clara™ HRM Mix: 2x qPCR mix powered by third-generation DNA-intercalating dye SyGreen 2, allowing accurate detection genetic mutations, quick identification of genotypes based on SNPs, or the calculation of percent methylation. 

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